Frequently Asked Questions

How does GigaPoints work?

GigaPoints is customized to you. Instead of asking you to read 50 different articles and compare the benefits of dozens of credit cards, we do all of the work. By securely connecting to your existing credit cards, we can analyze your spending patterns and use that to calculate the exact right card for your lifestyle. You can read more here.

How do you keep my data safe?

First off, GigaPoints never sees your credit card or banking login information. We use a third-party tool called Plaid (soon to be owned by Visa), that manages all of the password authentication. We have no ability to touch the money in your accounts. Instead, we get a read-only token that let’s us review data, and can be revoked at any time. We take tremendous care with the data that we have. Everything is encrypted and stored securely. You can read more here.

What makes you experts on credit cards?

GigaPoints was founded by Erik Budde, a points and credit card enthusiast who has traveled to six continents with miles and points. While his friends and colleagues might consider him an expert, GigaPoints doesn’t rely on Erik’s opinion, because every spender has different needs and habits. Instead, we use real data to inform all our recommendations.

Which is better, points or cash back?

Ahh, that is the million point (or dollar!) question. It all depends on you and your goals. You can frequently get more “value” out of points, but they are more work to redeem. Cash back is simple and some people have a strong preference for that. We explore the pros and cons in more detail here.

How does GigaPoints make money?

We don’t—at least not yet. Right now we’re focused on creating the best user experience possible. Eventually, we plan to receive compensation from credit card companies for successful applications. We believe this model is aligned with our customer’s interests: When you benefit, we benefit.

How does GigaPoints protect my personal data?

We know that trust and security are paramount to our success. All of the data we store is fully encrypted, and we never share or sell your information. We also never see the usernames or passwords for your credit card or banking accounts in the first place—all of that information is securely managed and protected by Plaid. Plaid works with hundreds of big financial companies, including Venmo, American Express and Coinbase.You can read more about our Data & Security Policies here.

Are recommendations really personalized for each user?

Most definitely. Our analysis is based on your spending and is completely tailored to you. It’s possible that you may receive a similar recommendation as a friend, but, hey, some credit cards are just better than others.

Are recommendations completely objective?

Yes. Our algorithm isn’t based on kick-backs, gladhanding or back-room dealings. We know that users will only trust us if we put them first.

How do I apply for one of the recommended credit cards?

After reviewing the cards we recommend for you, just click “Apply Now” and we’ll redirect you to the issuing bank to complete the online application.

Does GigaPoints analyze checking and savings accounts?

Yes. If chose to include your checking or savings accounts, we will analyze effectively all of your debit card transaction. We try to consider everything that could be put on a credit card and then ignore checks, electronic payments and other transactions along those lines.

How do I delete or close my GigaPoints account?

If you remove a card from your account, we will instantly delete the data for that card. If you want to remove your account altogether, just email us.

How do I contact GigaPoints?

Right here. Please do!

I’m an influencer and I want to partner with GigaPoints – who should I contact?

Cool cool. Drop us a line.