About Us

If you’re sharing financial data with Gigapoints, you should know who we are and why we exist.

What We Do

With thousands of credit cards on the market, it’s tough for even the most financially savvy customers to find the right ones for their needs. We built GigaPoints to help consumers get the most out of their credit cards—and to make the process fast, easy and accurate. Other sites use guesswork or broad generalizations to make their recommendations. We use data to pinpoint the cards that will give you the most rewards for your exact spending habits.

Our Guiding Principles

Protect your data.

We take your trust in us seriously. We treat your data as if it were our own and strive to protect it as such. You can read more about our Data Security & Privacy policies.

Make it simple.

We use data and research to demystify the process of choosing a credit card—not to create more questions.

Give you the best deal, always.

Some sites will only show you offers that make them the most money. We present the cards that are best for the way you spend, regardless of how—or whether—we’re compensated.

Our Team

GigaPoints was founded by Erik Budde, a points and credit card enthusiast who has traveled to six continents with miles and points. He realized that picking the ideal card was too much work for most people and set out to design a better way. This effort is lead by an amazing team of designers, usability experts, engineers, content experts and marketing talent.

The Finances

How do you make money?

We don’t—at least not yet. Right now we’re focused on creating the best user experience possible. Eventually, we plan to receive compensation from credit card companies for successful applications. We believe this model is aligned with our customer’s interests: When you benefit, we benefit.

Our Investors

GigaPoints is backed by an awesome group of angel investors that support our mission. In their day jobs, they are venture capitalists, private equity investors, technology executives and successful entrepreneurs. We are thankful for the insight and assistance that they provide our team.