GigaPoints Advertising Policy

GigaPoints strives to help consumers find the best credit card for their needs. Of course, we have bills to pay: staff, servers, data feeds, etc. In turn, we may receive compensation if you apply for a credit card following a link on our site. 

  1. Affiliate payments will not influence our rankings in any way. The GigaPoints Analyzer, the algorithm behind our analysis, does not have any inputs for how much, if anything, we get paid for an application. We commit to showing you the best cards for your needs.
  2. We don’t sell your data. The information we collect in the process of creating your personalized recommendations is encrypted and is not sold to any partners. 
  3. You are in control of your data. At any time, you can remove a card from your profile or delete your account entirely.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.